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Benvenuti Amici

Hello, Friends! Welcome to a place born out of true passion for Italian pizza. As you well know, there are thousands of recipes for pizza dough around the world. How are we to know which one is perfect? What flour to choose, what yeast to use? Does the water temperature matter? I've been seeking answers to these and many other questions for over 16 years. After all this time, I can only say that the love for eating pizza is as unconditional as the love for children.

We source 99% of the ingredients we use at Benvenuti Amici directly from producers in Italy. I could talk about them for hours, but I understand that you came to us for some specific and impatient reasons 🙂 In our place, you can choose pizza with one of two completely different types of crusts.

Napoli – a long-fermented Neapolitan-style crust with a thin base and puffy edges. We use a very small amount of yeast and let it rise peacefully at a controlled temperature for a minimum of 24 hours. This makes the dough very digestible, suitable for those with sensitive stomachs, pregnant women, and small children.

Ciambella – affectionately called a donut in Italian, this is a fluffy dough prepared under special conditions and baked in a tray. It's an original recipe that has been developed over many years. The characteristic feature of pizza on this crust is its unusual spongy structure. With the first bite, it will transport you to a land of heavenly culinary experiences.

What sets us apart from other places specializing in baking delicious pizzas is our secret blend of herbs and spices that we add to our dough. Experiments in this matter have been ongoing since 2014. Eight years later, the Benvenuti Amici brand was born, combining the best of everything.

In our menu, you will find carefully selected Italian products. Delicious Castelvetrano olives handpicked in late October, olive oil from olives grown on the slopes above Lake Garda, and a wonderful selection of cold cuts that we slice freshly just before preparing your pizza. If you feel like it, we can vacuum-pack a portion of selected cold cuts for you to take away.

In addition to pizza, our menu also includes piadina, an Italian wheat flatbread with various fillings. Delicate salads and delicious ice creams and desserts are also available. For the thirsty, we have original lemonades straight from Italy, natural Yoga juices, and the purest mineral water in the world, Acqua Filette.

Connoisseurs of Italian specialties will find compositions with St. Daniel's ham, truffle sauce, or black truffle capraccio. We are the only place in Warsaw that serves pizza with edible 24-karat gold.

If these few sentences sound promising, I warmly invite you to taste our specialties.

Buon Appetito!

About Restaurant
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Pizza is our unconditional love.

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99% of the ingredients we use at Benvenuti Amici directly from Italy!

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For us, work is a pleasure, and each pizza is like a work of art.

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